List 1#English
Quick. Easy.
Useful. Reliable.
  • Send the list by mail or messaging
  • Link the list with various places
  • Always know the total before you get to the till

The List 1# app for iPhone and iPad lets you quickly make a list of what you need to buy and send it by mail or messaging if you need to. If the recipient also has the app they can easily open the list in the app or just read it upon receipt as it is as sent in a readable format.

If you have this app you won’t have to guess whether you have enough money for your purchases. Just enter the price and quantity of each item and you will get an idea of the cost of your basket of goods.

You can have as many lists as you like. If you wish you can link each one to a number of locations. This means that linked lists can be quickly opened when the app is launched.